Trainings for companies-beginners

  • We will teach you how to run the company
  • We will study your company business plan
  • SWOT analysis
  • We provide initial trainings in each individual process for the personnel
  • Complex analysis of the competitive environment
  • Analysis of the market and the end customers
Data management
  • Effective database processing
  • Links between the accountancy, statistics, logistics and complete procedural synchronization
  • Complete input from one area to all the company parts
  • Support of the newest standards and own know-how
  • Support of the worldwide legislation
Start-up counselling
  • Ways of value investments
  • Basic parameters of a healthy start-up
  • Business plan and its deep research
  • Start-up financing
  • Solution of a possible management co-operation
Process automation
  • 90% of the processes are handled by the robotics nowadays
  • Artificial Intelligence in managing particular divisions
  • Automation in the process delegation
  • Controlling system input – output and vice versa
  • Supervision from one central spot

Property estimation
  • Market value of the properties Methodology of the Legal opinion formation
  • Usage of the computer technology while estimating the properties
  • Your own opinion formation

Cost-benefit analysis
  • Impacts of the investment linked to the subjects
  • Definition of all the participants
  • Formation of the financial plan in the perspective of the Investor
  • Impacts on the financial currents
  • Establishment of the discount rates and criterial markers
  • Interpretation of the results and final decision